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A wonderful Design of Love.
A engineering of salvation– An up-to-date History of the Save Souls Movement

A wonderful Design of Love.

A engineering of salvation– An up-to-date History of the Save Souls Movement


The Save Souls Movement of Brazil is a small mystery of God. This is an amazing story – and a true one- intended to open hearts, to souls confirmed in God's love and thus constantly led by the Holy Spirit. These will understand everything that is here report below.

I write down this text to bring awareness to those that follow the work and prayers of Brazil’s Save Souls Movement, and to disclose the extraordinary numbers already reached. Never is this done by pride, rather by a given moment’s demand. Today we reach a few thousand participants, who pray for the souls, always faithfully following safe guidelines from heaven, given the way in which we are led by Our Lady; and we are now present in almost all municipalities in Brazil. Let us tell the story from its beginnings, so people can understand it better. One might say that this text is a sort of "Activity Report", designed especially for our native English speaking friends.

In the first place, we must reassert - as anyone really ‘plugged’ in God can sense - that unfortunately some sectors of our Catholic Church, here in Brazil, have but forgot about the Poor Souls of Purgatory. Some of our priests even preach that Purgatory doesn’t’ actually exist, which is such a terrible error that it cries out to heaven. Others deny the existence of Hell, and deny that someone can lose his soul, in which they contradict Jesus. But we will show that quite a few get lost! And many are saved!

It is because of this gruesome scandal, the forgetfulness of the poor souls, that God obliged itself to raise a prophet concerned with the Purgatory, to warn mankind in due time, under threat of the eminent arrival of the New Heavens and New Earth, the end- times, still having Purgatory crammed with suffering souls. In fact, when it all started, back in July 1997, Purgatory was packed with around 2.8 billion poor souls, largely almost forgotten. This came to be because the Catholic Church no longer cared about them; and the other religions hardly believe the existence of such thing.

All heavenly revelations in which the numbers shown here are based on, are passed to the Catholic seer and current prophet, Claudio Heckert, married to Norma Heckert and residing in Porto Belo, Santa Catarina, Brazil. He is today a family father 63 years old, with 7 children and many grandchildren. Ever since his earliest childhood years he has been prepared by Heaven for this thorny mission. His life has always been one of intense suffering and persecution, but held in an atmosphere of loving respect, submission and perfect balance. He is a simple man, devoid of material goods, and that has never used his gifts to enrich or promote himself. He still lives in the same old house where I met him, yet still not completely finished. His work is done out of love and as a gift!

He has been always a man of Faith, rooted to the Catholic Church; he barely has any education, having completed primary school (4th grade) and absolutely nothing on Biblical studies. However, all messages received by him find their way entirely backed by Sacred Scripture and in the Church Doctrine; and up to this day, not a single of his messages can be contested, or has been left without a proper explanation. He is known today to be among the very few Catholic Church prophets, having received dates of future events that occurred with precision, as was the case with the prediction of the fall of the WTC towers, within 78 days’ notice in advance. All this appears in our books. And coming soon are 16 secrets and other final revelations.

Thus, ever since the age of 14 he always saw Our Lady very often, walking among the people. Due to his great humility, his life of prayer and faith, God was slowly preparing him for this incredible mission envisaging the souls, the Church, the priests and the End Times. It is impossible to report everything here, because there are thousands of messages and warnings to the world. However, the first ever effective message of Our Lady came only in February 1998, in which she asked him to close his small knitting business, and abandon life entirely in her arms. What he promptly did without any more questionings!

Everything began with the story of a person living a wicked life. God, in His infinite mercy, decided not only to extend His hand to this lost soul on her road to eternal damnation, but through this example wanted to reveal the world an amazing salvation plan. For this, he choose a person still alive at that time, called Palmira Borba - now deceased and living in the "Great Heaven" due to his heroic gesture - whose nickname on our books came to be Hilda. This lady was actually the mother of Norma, the Claudio’s wife, who while being a widow lived with them. She is the key example of this entire subject.

For weeks of much prayer from the part of the couple - who prayed daily the so-called 15 prayers of St. Bridget - suddenly, they suffered very intense attacks from the enemy, who did not want them to pray these potent prayers, that must be recited for 365 consecutive days. They were so brutally attacked, that they ended up delaying the prayers for 27 days. But after much prayer, much penance, during 15 days they prayed more often the prayers so has to catch up for lost time. During these days, Claudio was having visions of a Picture, where he was shown how a given soul’s engineering of salvation works, in the process that the Church calls the Communion of Saints.

The result was what Heaven called the "Bridge of Salvation," showing what happens with all souls, so with each one of us. In fact, between Heaven and Earth there is an abyss that needs to be ‘filled’ in such a sort that every soul might be able to build a bridge over it, carrying her to Heaven. In this case, all the graces received during life are like "bricks" that are thrown into this abyss, like a landfill, at the same time that the sins are like shovels pumping out the graces stored there.

If by the end of one’s life that abyss gap is filled, the soul goes straight to Heaven! If there is still something to fill in, that soul goes to Purgatory to pay the balance of the penance still due. And, once there, she cannot acquire or merit more graces for herself, needing that the living pray and make sacrifices for her, only these can ransom the poor souls, paying Divine Justice for them what they lack. This is all shown in a summary table, to visibly explain what goes on in the invisible, in the constant struggle for the salvation of souls!

The material resulting from these initial revelations, plus the incoming messages from the earliest visions, was condensed in the first published book, which is already in its 23rd edition. We must say that Claudio receives the messages from Jesus, Mary, angels and souls, by vision and simultaneous dictation and not by inner locution; this last one being also more prone to error. His case, in its form and charisma is unique in the Catholic Church ever since, by the accuracy and volume of revelations. The meaning of the revelation concerning this "bridge" is to show the world that no one is saved alone! Nobody builds its own ‘bridge of salvation’ alone! This is the key of the ‘economy’ of eternal salvation: souls save each other!

As time went by and as messages of St. Michael, Our Lady, as well as visions of the souls in Purgatory kept pouring in; the first people to pray together with them started joining up soon. In this case, the small room of the house, still with a dirt floor, where they housed their manufactured clothes business, was changed into a humble chapel, where the first cenacles took place led by Our Lady. From this little place, our "Save Souls Movement" has spread throughout Brazil and is presently also known in many countries. This awareness came to be through the Internet and published books. As for these, we have more than 30 titles already published, with more than 500,000 volumes sold, all nonprofit.

In the Internet we maintain the following URL’s: and The book diffusion headquarters is find at the following address: Movimento Salvai Almas > Av. Jorge Lacerda, 963 – Centro – 88443-000 – Vidal Ramos – SC – Brasil. Phone & fax 0055-47-3356-1154. The Chapel dedicated to Our Lady of Sion , where the cenacles take place is located at Rua Maria Antunes Guerreio SN – Bairro Vila Nova – Porto Belo – SC. Brasil.

Everything here is programed and directed with kilometric precision by Our Lady, with an entrenched motherly fondness. The number of people arriving from al corners of this country of continental proportions keeps rising. Hundreds of priests follow our work, pray with us, ask for and disseminate our books and evangelizing materials. This support is invaluable because the spiritual direction of any Catholic Church association is always a need.

Among the first tasks of the movement, it was included the prayer for the poor souls carried out in cemeteries. Afterwards, Saint Michael asked us to note and write down the names of the people buried in the graves, and that each name was written in a book called "St. Michael’s Book of Light." This task rose to 333 books of 100 pages each completed, with more than a million names of souls, annotated one by one. These include thousands of saints and priests. All names of the lost souls in hell were later scratched from the book, by revelation of São Miguel. We have therefore over a million saints as our intercessors.

With continuous visits to cemeteries and the recording of all the names in the Book of Light, the first numbers that shocked us began to appear. When we prayed at cemeteries San Miguel would state the total number of graves found there, how many of these were lost forever in hell, and how many were rising to heaven at that moment. The difference represented those who were already in heaven!


And almost always, in every cemetery, a given story of some of those souls buried there was passed on to us, about her deeds in life either to deserve Purgatory, or to deserve hell. In this case the revelation was made ​​by someone from heaven, because the lost souls in hell cannot communicate with the people on Earth. With Purgatory yes, God can permit, and Church history shows us many saints who had these visions and dialogues with them.

And so, ever since the early years of the Movement, we have accumulated impressive numbers and data. And never during all this time frame, a single of the stories revealed by the Archangel went without being faithfully proven in each cemetery and location. We have always found in every single locality the explanation for the mentioned fact, the history of that soul, and that even when the name was missing in the grave. Not a single error, among hundreds of proven cases in many different states of the country, where Claudio had never been, thus without any hypothesis of knowing that story. As the Angel told him, each grave is a book telling a story, completely open to Heaven, that God can reveal to anyone he pleases. He has power to do so!

In this way, little by little, we were able to perform some calculations which really unveiled God’s true Mercy. Already on the first computing of data we were able to realize that less than 1% of all Souls are forever lost. This answers a questions of the Apostle’s to Jesus: How many get lost Lord? They make less than one in a hundred baptized, because this computing doesn’t apply to the pagans. These receive a different treatment from God.

Thus, our teams traveled throughout immensely vast regions of this country - we estimate that quite over 1,000,000 (one million) miles were travelled - looking for distant cemeteries to pray there, as the heavenly Mother had asked us. All this done carried out by lay people, at their own expense without a penny from the Church, all done by many apostles, with love and out of love for the Poor Souls. The sum of these thousands of visits, account by account, allows us to now say that 11 years ago Purgatory held near 2.8 billion of suffering Poor Souls. All of them were rescued already and presently the entire history of Purgatory has changed.

In fact, at the time of Saint Frances, she said that Catholics endured on average 30 years in Purgatory. But due to the subsequent decrease in the number of Poor Souls suffering there, and the consequent increase of saints in Heaven, nowadays the Poor Souls suffer there on the average only three days. Since the beginnings, our Heavenly Mother told us that "the more saints there’ll be in Heaven, the more Heaven would have strength to help the Militant Church on Earth" and it is now being fulfilled by these numbers. And so, today very few Poor Souls stay suffering in Purgatory for more than a week.

In the same way, and as a major proof of the infinite love of God, realized through this intense communion of saints, the number of souls lost eternally also dropped dramatically in the ratio of 0.0000085%. This is proven by the following result: in the first 171 days of 2008, worldwide, only 219 souls went to hell, and all of them true reprobate, that truly whished so from infinite stubbornness. They did not accept the Love of God and rather chose the eternal fire of the enemy! Inexplicable! Less than ten years ago, typically, this number could have been more than 170,000 lost in the same period.

In fact, around 150 thousand baptized in the world die every day. Of these, on average only two per cent go directly to Heaven without going through Purgatory. Mostly do go there for purification, at least for a few moments; in such a way that for the vast majority of people, their souls are already in heaven at the moment of their burial. All this is due to the efforts of thousands of people, who in all corners of Brazil and the world pray for the Poor Souls in Purgatory.

All along this time, thousands of stories of great souls started surfacing and it was perfectly possible for us to see how men judge wrongly, be it by condemning saints, or either acquitting demons. Only God can penetrate the depths of our soul. This allowed us to know that among the people standing by the Cross at Calvary, in Jesus' time, more than 100 were in Purgatory until after 2002. They committed the "sin against the Holy Spirit", and so suffered in this way.

Among these souls, we had canonized saints from quite distinct centuries, with up to 1750 years of purgatory. They left it only after 2002. There were popes who were there suffering for more than 900 years. Today there is no longer any ‘old’ soul dwelling there, with more than a week after having passed away. As a matter of fact, on September 20th, 2008 at 8:00 pm in Brazil, for a moment there was not a single soul in Purgatory.

Still regarding the figures, given that since 1997 more than 500 million people have died so far in the world, this leads us to say that after the emergence of the Movement over 3.3 billion Poor Souls were ransomed from Purgatory. And all these souls pray in unison, forming an almost insurmountable barrier, so that when someone dies, only by a brutal madness does not accept final contrition. Thus, even famous atheists, corrupt politicians, bankers, high ranking Freemasons, and a thousand other types of wicked criminals end up opening their eyes, if only at the last moment, and seeing before them Hell opened, fall on their knees before God asking for forgiveness. Between sobs and tears! Unfortunately not all are saved!

Thus, we also discovered that up to today and ever since Adam, never was a soul sent to eternal damnation of hell, by force of temptation from Satan or for the love of demons. All men and women who were lost up to today, were by their own free will, regardless of the temptation of the evil one. In other words: even if there were no tempting, nor hell, all the souls that went there until today, would have chosen so without any ‘push’ from the malignant, but only by means of their insane desire and stubbornness to lose themselves. This is the reason of Lucifer’s current hatred: knowing that he never had the power to conquer a single soul, exacty because Jesus had already warned: Father, I have not lost ANY of those you gave me!

So, in the measure that the books spread among Brazil, they took the messages to all the country’s States, and the first major conversions and life changes occurred. And rrapidly, the number of promoters and of those who pray for the souls rose and, because we don’t sell books in bookstores, all work was carried by this dedicated laity. Today our books are well over 500 thousand volumes produced. Soon we were also noticing That people Began to pray more, going for a good confession, and that's wonderful.

Among these converts, we now have not only housewives and ordinary people, but also educated people such as doctors, engineers, writers, dentists, lawyers, businessmen, academics, young and old, students up to 13 years with their splendid stories. We also have conversions of people living rather unruly lives as homosexuals, prostitutes, spiritists, witches, Satanists, and people connected to the Oriental sects and others.

There is no restriction whatsoever to join the Movement, which is open to all those who love the Poor Souls in Purgatory and pray for them as Our Lady told us to do. People of all races, black, white and yellow, participate of it. We also have disabled people among us: blind and crippled, of both sexes and of all ages. We even have a girl of 7 years that asks us books and evangelizes. All united in the greater cause, which is the eternal salvation of souls, with absolute fidelity to Pope Benedict XVI and the true Catholic Church. We are not different from anyone else, nor dressed in strange costumes, or use anything that tells us apart from others. What bonds us together is only this love for eternal salvation.

We also have many conversion testimonials of priests - that's right, and from many Brazilian states, also religious brothers and sisters, who ask for the books and pray with and for us. Speaking of conversions, we are not dealing with superficial and short lived conversions, but something that springs from deep inner change, with a starting point from a good Confession. After, they engage in the outreach work of the whole work, of engagement in the Church. Thousands of people - I say this with all the letters - are already experiencing this deep life renewal and completely changing their behaviors, turning everything to the pursuit of Heaven. And become quite happy as never before.

This is the biggest evidence that this is a movement and a work that comes from God! This is the biggest proof that the tree of our "Save Souls Movement" is a good fruit tree, because it struggles for salvation and eternal life. The promise of Our Lady is that all people who ever step in the chapel where we pray will convert, and we already have had cases of highest level degree Freemasons who repented at their last moment, because they went there. Also, cures by the thousands have been obtained through sacramentals disclosed there, like the Sacred Oil of St. Raphael the Archangel and Our Lady’s Handkerchief.

As for our relationship with the Church we seek to obey it by following the indications of Heaven. Everything, as far as possible, is carried out in obedience to the Bishop of Claudio’s Diocese. But first, always in obedience to Heaven, because this doesn’t go against the true Church. Noone has the right to stifle the prophetic voices, especially before they have been properly investigated with zeal and humanity by the Church.

In view of this, as in all Marian apparitions, especially the real ones, a brutal persecution from the enemy always occurs, here is by no means different. The Church, which is wise and prudent, always takes time to evaluate each case. But Heaven cannot wait centuries until the Church condones an appearance, and in our present times, the canons of Pope Paul VI allow everything to be disclosed. Is lying he who says they were abrogated!

Concerning Heaven’s guidance of all our work, it is driven with zeal by Jesus, Mary and Saint Michael. We do nothing without the guidance of our Commander Mary, since she determines the proceedings for prayers as Heaven wants, even book themes, their quantity and selling price. Because of this, we have never had a single financial problem, nor had to plead for help as many groups do when they assume greater financial commitments than they can afford. Our books are simple brochures and sold on average for less than US$ 1:00 per unit. And we never got stuck with dead stocks! Everything goes according to the determinations of the Heavenly Father.

Two revelations given to Cláudio shocked some priests and theologians, who immediately fall out saying: this is not part of the Church Doctrine. The first is the notion of the Great Purgatory, a place of medium depth, where souls receive punishment for a fixed time, during which prayers performed by the living do not reach out to them. Only after staying that length of time, they can receive the effects of graces that redeem them, and thus be set free.

Another Purgatory concept revealed to him is the so called “Turris Eburnea”, or Ivory Tower, exactly like one of the titles cited in the Litany of the Blessed Virgin Mary. This Purgatory ‘state’ is a peculiar deepest one, where souls were kept unsure knowing if they were in Hell or not, and above all had no more hope of Salvation. In the entire Church History, only 17 souls went to that abyss, however they’ve all been ransonmed now.

Today, due to the continuous intercession of these over 3 billion souls, fortunately we have many instances where Purgatory is empty, without a single soul in it. However, by the minute hundreds fall there, but now hoping for a brief stay. Yes immersed in the most deepest pains because the Divine Justice knows how to apply the penance in such a way as to compensate for less enduring time, using a rather more intense purification.

By request of Our Lady a new Chapel was built, dedicated to Our Lady of Sion, name linked to the mystery of the Jewish people conversion. This will happen soon, indeed expected later during the term of the current pope, Benedict XVI. This is one of the predictions made to him, among many, of which we would like to mention:

01 - The enactment of the two Marian dogmas still missing; Mediatrix and Co-redeemer.

02 - The exit of the Pope from Vatican, having to flee persecution, this will occur after the issuance of documents that will displease many bishops and cardinals, causing a major rebellion in the Church.

03 - The finding of a number of sacred objects, among them: The Goblet they call Holy Grail, the Ark of the Covenant, Noah's Ark, old documents stored in secret places, including one in Brazil.

04 - Revelation of the still ‘missing’ documents of the 3rd Secret of Fatima, by Pope Benedict XVI.

05 - Announcement of a 3rd World War that will begin by Israel and extend to the rest of world. In it 3 atomic bombs will be dropped and will cause chaos on the planet.

06 - Announcement that the last seven week of years from Daniel began with the collapse of the WTC towers;

07 - Announcement that the 1260 days mentioned in John’s Book of Revelation 11 and 13, started on 11/09/2008;

08 - Announcement of the fall of two astronomic bodies or asteroids on earth. The first will come fragmented and fall in various places on the planet, the largest chunk in the North Atlantic; the second will come later, but God will not let it hit the ground, because otherwise there would be no trace of life left on Earth. This second astronomical body is 14 km in diameter.

09 - Forecast that the prophecy of St. Malachy regarding the last 112 popes is true, which tells us that Benedict XVI is the penultimate and the last Peter will come only after the tribulation.

10 - Celebration of a Mass at Calvary by the Pope, for the end of the war, during which the miracle of the real transubstantiation it will take place, miracle as such that will be the key to the conversion of the Jewish people, as predicted by the prophets, and as stated in our Catechism . This is the last sign that then we will be very close to the second coming.

There are still 16 secrets already given to Claudio, to be revealed soon. Also safe explanations will be given as to what will happen in the so-called Warning and Miracle, quoted by Our Lady at Garabandal. This is still quite confusing, but explanations will come soon. We believe that when that happens, an inexorable time run will start, leading to the great tribulation.

Through him, we were also explained that the begin of Prophet Daniel’s last "week of years", took place with the collapse of the WTC towers on 11/09/2001. It also specified that we are now counting the last 1260 days, as mentioned in the Book of Revelation, chapters 11 and 12. That countdown began on 11/09/2008. Or for the matter: after the ending of the last week, then began the counting of the Time of the Testimony and Atonement of the Saints, fulfilling what the Scriptures tell us as the Great Tribulation. Time that will be expiring on 22/02/2012, the day of the Chair of Peter, sign the final victory of the Church.

As for me, which write these words, I personally give testimony of faith in The Save Souls Movement and in everything disclose by us. If I had a single doubt, just one alone, just one feeling that nothing of it comes from Heaven, never would I put all my life engaged in this work. After all, here we deal with the notions of Heaven, Purgatory and Hell. And one of these quite objective notions is the fact that we do know and are quite aware of the punishment reserved for those who lie or deceive and to false prophets.

Arnaldo Haas


Cláudio Heckert, Confidente de Nossa Senhora, residente em Porto Belo, SC
Rua Maria Ramos Guerreiro 104, Vila Nova - CEP 88.210-000

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